• The machine has the features of novel compact structure.
  • Stable performance, safe and reliable, easy operation, high precision, high efficiency, and so on. It is an ideal selection for UPVC door and window industries on a scale.
  • Numerical control system is a specialized system for corner-cleaning machine developed by DELTA; it adopts the most advanced LCD touch screen and computer, drive system. The main electrical components are imported components to keep its performance stable.
  • The system setting in single step. Customers can select any one of them
  • Automatic corner cleaning with the help of the sensors.
  • Touch screen is displayed in English.
  • The feeding of X and Y axis adopts ball screw transmission with high precision.
  • The system can store more than 100 programs, the milling cleaner can be set in two-dimensional geometric locus for external vertical side, and the top and bottom cutters can clean the welding seam at the same time.

CNC Corner Cleaning - SQJB CNC 120

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