• 3.3 Mtr wide Printer with Vacuum Based Bed and Feed and Take up Tables – 8 Vacuum Zones
  • 4 Color Printing CMYK + White Ink + Varnish Options
  • Powered with Konica 1024i  Print Heads (Variable droplet 6 to 18 picoliter) Grey Scale Technology
  • Highest Resolution upto 720 x 1440 dpi
  • High Speed outputs – High Speed Mode : Upto 251 Sq. Ft / hr in 4 Heads
  • Handles Rigid and Flexible Media upto 3.3 mtr wide and 51 mm Height
  • Anti Crash Sensor and Resume option after E stop
  • Automatic Head Height Adjustment
  • Automatic Registration PIN System
  • Vacuum Conveyor Belt System with 8 Zones
  • Industrial Take up and Feeding System
  • Belt automatic deviation correction function
  • Dual Negative Pressure System
  • Desiccated White Ink


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