• Bends Flat metal Materials 20mm-120mm even up to 180 mm Height.
  • Auto Feed, Auto Slot and Auto Bend Options
  • Bends Stainless Steel, Flat Aluminium Strip, Galvanized Steel, Mild Steel,iron all kinds of flat metal material
  • Bends materials thickness Stainless steel series from 0.2 to 1.2 mm Aluminium 0.2mm to 2mm
  • Single Size vertical Type 0-90° Slotting
  • Computer Motion Control System,Taiwan Delta brand driver and 3 pcs servo motor control
  • It can grooving positively side,and it use Sweden ASSAB white steel knife to notching, not easy to wear
  • Machine detail display:(accessories from Sweden.Japan.Taiwan,German,Korea)
  • The industry’s original creation barometric pressure sensor settings do not work without pressure
  • The industry’s original creation computer external buttons, the industry’s original creation observation window, the industry’s initiate creation USB external interface

MAXICUT Flat Metal Bender

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