• Welding Device used to make Stainless Steel, LED Channel Letter, LOGOS, Signs with Precise Welding Finish
  • Humanization design: very comfortable for operation and reduces fatigue
  • Welding surface is smooth, without grinding and polishing, saving time and labor
  • Convenient for Special Long Optical Path and Wider Scale
  • Bends materials thickness from 0.4 to 1.2 mm
  • Double Size Swing Type Slotting
  • Computer Motion Control System
  • It can grooving positively side,and it use Sweden white steel knife to notching, not easy to wear
  • Machine detail display:(accessories from Sweden.Japan.Taiwan.German)
  • High efficiency, special positioning devices, suitable for all kinds of irregular character pattern welding
  • Specially designed long-focus lens with F=200mm, can meet the demand for welding high fonts
  • Easy installation and fast, simple operation

MAXICUT Flat Metal Laser Welding

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