• The CNC Notcher is China’s first notcher machine without control card and especially used for channel letter notching.
  • Input the design or letter in DXF into the machine, CNC Notcher will fully automate notching accurately
  • Auto notch in two different degrees – 300 and 1050
  • Handles material Width from 10 mm – 180 mm
  • Cut the letter to the size of your break automatically leaving no waste
  • Stipple the location and direction of bend
  • Can identify inside and outside of the figure
  • Total job length, or single letter length can be calculated for a job estimating
  • Can enter multiple break-points at your convenience for large letters
  • Can change the position and direction of the fibulae at your convenience
  • Whole job can be processed at one time, or one letter processed multiple time

MAXICUT Notching Machine

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