• Mimaki’s technologies achieve high-image quality
  • Smooth image quality by waveform control and precise dot placing technology
  • Variable dot printing by 3 different drop sizes of Large/Middle/Small
  • Mimaki’s proprietary 3-way intelligent heater optimizes dot sizes
  • MAPS3 eliminates banding and accomplished uneven print density
  • Several functions to support unattended operation
  • Nozzle Check Unitallows for printing without nozzle clogging
  • UISS performs continuous ink supply while unattended printing
  • Stable feeding of heavy media, max weight of 40kg and max diameter of 250mm
  • A wide variety of inks broaden application
  • High-intensity silver ink expresses exclusive metallic color
  • Wider color gamut printing by orange ink allows for printing corporate color
  • Light black ink produces accurate grayscale printing without color shifts
  • White ink achieves high opacity printing
  • Versatile Print & Cutfunctions
  • Continuous crop mark detection for unattended P&C operation in high quality
  • Zero margin crop mark eliminates margins between crop marks reducing media waste
  • Cut & Print allows for high quality finish using thin media such as heat transfer media
  • Over cut and Corner cut functions cut edges sharp even using thick media

Mimaki CJV150- CJV300

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