• The fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry type drive structure, imported lead screw guide rail, and centralised lubricating device, it is no need to maintain and adjust the accuracy regularly.
  • Reinforced welding lathe bed is processed by tempering treatment which can relieve the stress during vibrating, the deformation tolerance can be controlled in ±0.02mm.
  • Light path is transferred by optical fiber, the reflector path is maintenance-free, the consumption of wearing parts is minimal.
  • The beam is manufactured by drawing and finish milling process, which is light weight, high rigidity, and good dynamic performance.
  • Professional laser cutting software with graphical layout and corner smoothing function, this laser cutter can realize high speed punching and marking functions.
  • The overall layout is compact, and the floor area is small.

Yueming CMA 1325C-G-C

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