• Rugged Machine bed – Intensive chassis with high rigidity. Hardened with ageing, non-stress and vibration free
  • User friendly design with embedded computer and wireless mouse for easy operation
  • Steel Ball Rollers on the machine to move the media easily and effectively
  • High Quality Gantry Structure with Interior Stiffener, rigidity and strength
  • Dual Drive servo motor system, more powerful and much faster, achieve max. Acceleration 0.6G up to 45 m / min speed
  • Configured with water-oil separation filter, help to clean compressed air, and remove solid particles, bacteria and some other impurities in the air, to ensure hundred percent fool proof during cutting
  • IPG Phtonics Fiber lasers are a diode-pumped Ytterbium fiber laser with output powers ranging from 1 KW up to 1.5 KW.
  • This machine equips with intelligent dual-temperature control water-cooling system.
  • This machine adopts the domestic creative hybrid transmission system : the rack and pinion system + ball screw, which can reduce the vibration compared with previous lead screw transmission. Meanwhile, this combination transmission system can realize high speed response in Y Axis and also precise cutting in short distance.
  • This machine adopts lead screw and linear guide system for precise and accurate movement of the gantry
  • High powered Digital Servo Motor from DELTA, Taiwan for more accurate & precise movements

Yueming Laser - CMA 1325 C G D

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